2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Chic, Ultra Stylish, Ultra Violet

The Pantone Color Institute released its Color of the Year once again! A color that is not only prominent in today’s fashion world, but also inspiring in nature, “Ultra Violet” stands out like no other. An enigmatic purple hue, this color empowers the artistic wearer with an air of unconventional allure and intrigue. Popping up all over in eyewear design, it’s a piece of cake to find the right pair of perfectly purple frames for you. From gradient effects, to subtle patterns, to embellished accents, to tinted lenses, and more, incorporating this year’s “it” color into your eyewear wardrobe is a must. Take a peek at the violet eyewear we’ve had our eye on, below.

Desert Sunglass (LA12-LA20398), allo readers (CIAO), kensie (Again and Again), Lisa Loeb (Face), Barton Perrira (Vashon), Vavoom (8074), Havaianas (Nornha), OP (BEACHBREAK)