Get Acquainted with MILK Eyewear

Say hello to MILK Eyewear, a spankin’ new brand that is all about pleasing the guys ‘n’ gals who rock their frames. Get this—those who love their specs and shades, but aren’t sure how they’re gonna look on, have the unique ability to test ‘em out online or in-person. Hit up their website and virtually try on their frames before making a decision—you can even take pics or record videos of yourself in the glasses, sharing them with your pals to get their thoughts. Or pick out your favorite five and have them sent to your home for free—for five days, you’ll get to choose which pair you love most before shipping them back. It doesn’t get much better than that, y’all!

To boot, their eyewear is seriously on-trend! Hip silhouettes—from modified aviators and pillowed squares, to refined wayfarer-inspired profiles and rounds with upswept temples—run the gamut. Keyhole bridges, circular metallic accents, as well as multi-colored, funky prints keep these glasses and sunnies fashionably fresh. Meanwhile, a palette of jet black, fuchsia and deep teal, with pops of crystal clear and cherry red, adds vibrancy to the collection. Dig what you see? Get even more deets on these new frames on the block here.

MILK Eyewear (Clint), MILK Eyewear (Emerson), MILK Eyewear (Corrado), MILK Eyewear (Audrey)

MILK Eyewear (Clint), MILK Eyewear (Emerson), MILK Eyewear (Corrado), MILK Eyewear (Audrey)