Add Sparkle to Your Eyes in Tiffany Frames

Using their timeless jewelry collection as inspiration, Tiffany & Co. has unveiled fresh styles to their expanding collection. If you’re in the market for first-class elegant style, be rest assured that you’ll find it in one of Tiffany’s specs or shades by Luxottica Group.

Almost all of the temples in this collection are adorned with jewels inspired directly by Tiffany engagement rings and settings. While the jewels certainly add an eye-catching sparkle, the embellishments are not overly flashy or distracting. Also notable are the luscious shapes and colored, gradient lenses—absolute must-have trends for this spring and summer.

Try not to get lost in the glitz and glam as you peruse these beautiful, envy-worthy frames.

Tiffany (TF2037, TF4043, TF1050, TF3025, TF3023, TF4042) by Luxottica