Add a Taste of Flair to Your Eyewear

With cutting edge technology and a knack for flawless style, it’s no surprise that that Flair Eyewear by OPTYLUX Group is coveted by almost everyone. What makes Flair stand out from the crowd is that they use nylon to fasten the lenses instead of screws. This intuitive technology reduces the risk of breakage because the elastic nylon threads actually absorb the impact and the clutter-free design makes them easy to clean. That’s a hard combo to beat!

Flair by Optylux Group

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you thought wrong. Flair Eyewear understands that every person has their own unique style, so they also created a 20-piece custom design collection that allows you spexy guys and gals to create your own look. A well-balanced menu of options consisting of lens tattoos, lens shapes, tinted lenses, precision cut-outs, beveling, faceting and colorful inset stones offers you the creative freedom to develop a design fit for your fashionable palette. Learn more about Custom Flair here.

Custom Flair by Optylux Group

Whether you choose a frame from their collection or customize your own, we’re sure Flair will give your eyewear selection the boost it needs. View the complete collection at www.optylux.com and be sure to check the Eyewear Boutique page to find an optical shop in your area.