Alain Mikli and LG Unite for the Ultimate 3D Experience

3D eyewear is so hot right now and LG Electronics and Alain Mikli are the latest moguls to hop on the trend. Both leaders in their respective industry, Alain Mikli and LG are teaming up to present what they consider to be the most phenomenal 3D glasses to hit the market. Combining Alain Mikli’s 30 years of experience making exquisite and luxurious eyewear and LG’s continued electronic dominance, we’re sure that these won’t disappoint.

With style, comfort and lens technology taking precedence, these 3D frames are made from sleek metals instead of flimsy plastic and are constructed to fit most any head shape. Featuring a removable, push up nose bridge, these shades can easily be worn by themselves or on top of your everyday glasses. The lightweight and streamlined design creates a futuristic and chic look that is sure to get you compliments wherever you’re soaking in the 3D action.

Alain Mikli and LG are scheduled to release their 3D frames to the public early next year and they will also be provided with LG’s new 2011 premium 3D TVs. We can’t wait to get our own pair—we have a feeling these are going to make Superbowl Sunday even more enjoyable!