B.M.E.C. Specs: Where Comfort Connects with Fashion

Join the stylin’ eyewear club by poppin’ on a new pair of specs from B.M.E.C. These new masculine styles boast extended sizing for men for ultra-comfortable glasses you’ll never want to take off. Retro-inspired rectangular profiles are jazzed up with matte finishes, two-toned colorations, plus etched and woodgrain patterns on the temples. Pops of color like burnt oranges and deep blues are effortlessly compatible with staple grays and blacks. Meanwhile, subtle details like keyhole bridges and metal appliques pull the look together for a polished vibe. Check ‘em out, below.

B.M.E.C. (BIG Bolt), B.M.E.C. (BIG Force), B.M.E.C. (BIG Loop), B.M.E.C. (BIG Surf), B.M.E.C. (BIG Town), B.M.E.C. (BIG Wave)