Bend the Rules with Flexon

Designed for the modern man, Flexon takes evolution to the next level with its Mechanical Synergy Series, featuring bolder, sharper styles that embody industrial inspiration. Boasting lightweight, contemporary designs, these glasses were derived from breaking down functional machines and observing each piece individually. Drawing influence from this notion, the frames’ screw-like accents and open-slotted barrel hinges add a mechanical aesthetic and masculine detail to the collection. Keeping in line with their streamlined vibe, these specs showcase sleek semi-rimless and modified rectangular silhouettes in a metallic palette of silver, copper, black and navy. Furthermore, subtle color blocking, matte finishes and contrasting temple hues give way to an overall sophisticated, minimalist look.

Flexon (E1076), Flexon (E1077), Flexon (E1078), Flexon (E1075)

Flexon (E1076), Flexon (E1077), Flexon (E1078), Flexon (E1075)

To boot, Flexon has also crafted a chic selection of sunnies—flaunting streamlined rectangular and aviator profiles with double and single bridges—that give way to distinguished appeal. Flaunting similar colors as their optical counterparts, these shades are set apart with linear laser patterns that play with shadows and reflections to draw the eye and tease the imagination. As if they couldn’t get any better, these sunglasses also have specialized lenses that protect against scratches, and easily repel dust, water and grease. Plus, they are smudge resistant and extremely easy to clean, while offering complete UV protection. Guys, how could you not dig what you see? Get even more deets here.


Flexon (FL5002), Flexon (FL5025), Flexon (FL5000), Flexon (FL5026), Flexon (FL5001), Flexon (FL5027)