Biker Chicks Go Glam in Harley Diva Eyewear

Ladies, are you ready to embrace your inner biker chick? Harley-Davidson is behind you all the way, and to make the transition to your new persona a little easier, they’ve introduced the Harley Diva eyewear collection by Viva International Group.

Debuting 12 ophthalmic styles and four prescription-ready shades, the collection offers variety and an easy way to show off your sexy and dangerous side. Mixed media, blinged out temples, cut outs and floating lenses are just some of the details that will get your adrenaline pumping as you peruse these edgy frames.

Whether you’re a badass chick who lives to ride or a fierce, independent woman who loves to make a statement, these Harley Diva specs and shades will have you looking the part in a snap.

Harley Diva (HDX 827, HDX 818,HD 358 and HD 359) by Viva International Group