BOSS Orange Specs Debut with Urban Reinvention

It’s time to pump up your spexy style with urban attitude and here to help you do just that is the much anticipated debut of BOSS Orange specs. Loyal BOSS Orange fans will be delighted to learn the spexy new frames reflect the young and trendy spirit that’s at the heart of the brand. With distinct design details, captivating colors and a contemporary feel, these frames are the ultimate go-to for young, metropolitan eyewear lovers.

The collection has a little something special for both the ladies and the gents in plastic and metal varieties. Trendy 1950s inspired silhouettes – including geek chic and cat-eyes – meet clean, street style for frames that are lightweight, slim and chic. Bold colors, stripes and spotty tortoise create an eye-catching effect while temple cut-outs garner an edgy appeal. Boasting an impressive range of styles, you’re sure to find your match in BOSS Orange’s new eyewear collection.

BOSS Orange Optical Collection