Follow Your Dreams in Aspire Sunwear

Who do you wish to be? That is the question that embodies the latest collection of first-ever sunnies from Aspire. Bearing aspirational adjectives as namesakes, these shades are designed to express their wearers’ unique personalities and life goals. Crafted out of an incredibly thin, lightweight and hypoallergenic material, they offer up a barely there fitRead more »

Kingsley Rowe Designs for Avant-Garde Appeal

Introducing Kingsley Rowe, a fabulously fresh line of specs ‘n’ sunnies that is unisex in nature and exudes highly editorial vibes. Designed by artists sharing a passion for quality craftsmanship and avant-garde style, the collection hails from the eclectic fashion hub that is Los Angeles. With vintage-inspired silhouettes with a twist, a versatile color paletteRead more »

Anything is Possible with SUM Company Shades

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” so said Aristotle. This infamous phrase is also the motto behind the spankin’ new sunwear brand SUM Company, which is known for its custom sunnies with interchangeable parts that won’t break the bank. Guys ‘n’ gals alike have the ability to “find their sum” byRead more »

Flaunting WOOW’s First-Ever Sunglasses

WOOW—the lighthearted eyewear brand that’s all about its quirky “mini messages”—strikes again with its first-ever collection of sunnies! Speaking to guys ‘n’ gals alike with a sense of humor, these shades are adorned with funny phrases to put smiles on their wearers’ faces! With playful vibes at the forefront, the chunky round “SUPER Duper” styleRead more »

The Style Legacy Thrives with Kate Young for Tura

Magazine editors seek her out to define what’s now and predict what’s next. A-list celebrities trust her to create Oscar-worthy, red-carpet looks. And top designers consult her to help forecast tomorrow’s trends today. Who is she? She’s renowned stylist Kate Young, and she’s finally tapping into the eyewear realm with a fresh collection of specsRead more »

Stay Spontaneous in KENZO Frames

Don’t ever say goodbye to your spontaneity, y’all—having fun is just way too important! There’s no better way to show off your whimsical side than by slipping on a pair of KENZO specs or sunnies! The Paris-based brand has finally brought its eyewear collection the United States, and we’re beyond excited. Specially crafted for galsRead more »

Twist ‘n’ Turn Converse Specs for Custom Flair

We’re smack dab in the middle of an era where trends are always changing and customization is key to individual style. Following suit, Converse All Star Eyewear has jumped on the personalized bandwagon, crafting specs with twist ‘n’ turn temples that allow for totally unique looks! Driven by the Converse aficionado’s individualistic tastes, these glassesRead more »

Red Rose Eyewear Makes a Comeback

Resurrecting the iconic, timeless appeal of a lost, yet not forgotten, collection, Ogi Eyewear brings back the Red Rose namesake in a whole new way! Transformed into a fresh brand inspired by pure minimalism, Red Rose’s latest designs embrace simplistic, modern style. With a sleek aesthetic at the forefront, these titanium, screwless specs offer upRead more »

‘Throwing Pot’ to Celebrate Jonathan Adler Eyewear

There was no better way to revel in the launch of Jonathan Adler’s spankin’ new eyewear line than by “throwing pot!” Since Adler got his start making pottery, it only made sense to host a themed soiree to celebrate his fresh selection of specs ‘n’ sunnies. So last week, media influencers in the eyewear industryRead more »

Acquaint Yourself with SeventyOne Eyewear

Say hello to SeventyOne! An ode to yesteryear, this spankin’ new eyewear brand is named after 1971—the inception year of its maker, A&A Optical—and offers up on-trend styles specially for guys and gals of the millennial generation! Boasting timeless silhouettes, organic hues and fashion-forward detailing, these specs are perfect for indie-prepsters everywhere. Sleek rectangles, subtleRead more »