Celebrating World Sight Day with Jenn Falik

Hey, eyewear lovahs! Lifestyle expert, style guru and ambassador to The Vision Council, Jenn Falik, is here to tell us what the gift of sight means to her in honor of World Sight Day with Think About Your Eyes. Check out her post, below.

“Take care of yourself!” It sounds simple enough, right? These four words are said over and over, throughout the course of our lives – spoken as a kind goodbye, or as a gentle reminder – by family, friends and strangers alike.

The truth, though, is this: We so often take care of everyone but ourselves.

In the moment, it is so easy to procrastinate when it comes to personal things – forgiving ourselves for skipping a much-needed power nap or rescheduling a doctor’s appointment feels easier than asking for forgiveness from a friend who we were supposed to grab coffee with or a colleague who we had planned a meeting with.

It took me until recently to realize just how much better I can show up for others when I show up for myself first. Self-care, in my opinion, is the ultimate gift – the fruits of which I am grateful every day to see with my own eyes.

In honor of World Sight Day, an annual day of awareness dedicated to blindness and vision impairment, The Vision Council and I encourage you to think about the gifts you have the luxury of seeing in your own life. Post the scenes that are most important to you on social media (be sure to tag #ThinkAboutYourEyes and @Eyecessorize) so we can all share in one another’s happy moments and collectively remind ourselves that being able to see these things may just be the best gift of all.

Here’s a photo I snapped of a serene beach scene in honor of World Sight Day – I captured this moment during an hour by myself (no husband, no kids, just me!) taking in the fresh air and sunshine. A year ago, I would have never allowed myself the gift of something that seemed so “selfish.” But now I know that upon returning from just 60 minutes of solitude, I will be a significantly better wife, mom, friend and writer!

Furthermore, World Sight Day should also serve as a reminder to give yourself the gift of eye health by putting an eye exam with a local eyecare provider on your calendar every single year. The importance of this simple appointment is paramount for both yourself and your family – a quick click on this link will help you understand why. To find an eyecare provider near you, visit the Think About Your Eyes online locator.