Celebs Rockin’ John Varvatos and Lucky Brand Shades

We know you must harbor a secret affinity for celebrity sightings like us, which is why we’re happy to show off these famous faces wearing fabulous sunglasses. Whether they’re grabbing coffee, hailing a cab, on set or at a premiere, it’s always fun to admire the to-die-for styles of the rich and famous.

Looking like a bundled—but chic—snowbunny, the flawless Charlize Theron looks stunning in these edgy John Varvatos style 715 shields.

Charlize Theron in John Varvatos 715

Katey Sagal’s character on FX’s Sons of Anarchy has her looking rough and tough in a leather jacket and classic John Varvatos aviators.

Katey Sagal in John Varvatos aviators

Timothy Olyphant looks the polar opposite of his cowboy-loving U.S. Marshal counterpart, Raylan Givens, on FX’s Justified. We have to say we love Timothy’s clean-shaven look and his dashing Lucky Brand Sync shades.

Timothy Olyphant in Lucky Brand Sync