Get Colored to Perfection in Manish Arora Specs

Taking inspiration straight from Amrie Hoffstater’s magic dolls and gypsy fascination, Manish Arora revealed their unparalleled summer 2011 specs by Inspecs USA. Mixing Hoffstater’s trademark “hyper-color” with intricate embroidery and impeccable embellishments, this collection is sure to capture your attention and fashion sense, no doubt about it.

Available in a rainbow of colors and shapes –like almond and square—Manish Arora’s specs will take your summer styling to the next level. You’re bound to get lost in the magical colors and understated elegance of these new frames. Not only are they incredibly lightweight, they have a soft and unique graduated matt spray finish with a pop of fluorescent color inside the temples.

One peek and you won’t be able to say no to these fabulous summer essentials!

Manish Arora (MNO-L08, MNO-L01 and MNO-L02) by Inspecs USA