Columbia Eyewear for the Refined Outdoorsman

While transitioning from the office to the outdoors, gents need to easily be able to change their outfits, and usually their eyewear. After all, dudes are expected to appear perfectly polished in the professional realm, wearing sleek suits and stylish specs. But such ensembles are obviously inappropriate for enjoying the country, a place where worn jeans and burly flannels are the norm.

Although guys will most likely have to switch clothes before going straight from a stuffy cubicle to the fresh outdoors, they luckily won’t need to adjust their specs—that is if they’re sporting a pair of Columbia Eyewear’s latest frames from its Extended Size Titanium Series.

These glasses—featuring thin metal, rectangular frames and subdued temple detailing in black, blue, grey and red hues—are certainly classy enough to show off in front of C-level execs. At the same time, they effortlessly translate into the great outdoors regardless of what adventure you’re embarking on. Made with lightweight materials and soft rubber, these specs are beyond comfortable, which means you’re more likely to wear and enjoy them. They even come in various sizes, so no matter how big or small your face may be, you’ll be at ease in your eyewear!

Check out more awesome details about these and other frames from the series at columbia.com.

From top to bottom: Columbia Eyewear (Buck Mountain); Columbia Eyewear (Aldridge Park)