Corinne McCormack Celebrates 20 Years in Eyewear Biz

To make women (of all ages) look, and feel, absolutely amazing in their eyewear—this has been Corinne McCormack’s sole passion since she launched her renowned brand, including readers and sun readers, a whopping two decades ago. And her enthusiasm for what she calls a woman’s top must-have fashion accessory is still burning bright.

Celebrating her 20-year anniversary in the eyewear biz this spring, she continues to help all you ladies recognize that being told you have to wear reading glasses isn’t a bad thing. It can actually bring out the fashionista in you! As Corinne always says, glasses instantly pump up any look, and they draw attention to those pretty peepers of yours! Now come on, what gal wouldn’t want that?

In light of such an exciting milestone, Miss McCormack shared some of the frames she admires most. However, she’s the first to admit that she can’t really play favorites—she’s equally obsessed with ‘em all, especially since they’re all named after famous celebs like Nicole Kidman and Suri Cruise! But since we made her choose, she opted for ladylike, yet funky, cat-eye, soft oval, wayfarer and butterfly silhouettes. Animalistic prints and vibrant hues also seem to be her thing, especially deep purples, royal blues, golds and reds, with hints of brown and white. And notice that there are lotsa options to pick from—Corinne is all about rocking different styles with varying looks!

We hope you’ve got another 20 years in you, Corinne! We don’t know what the eyewear realm would be without you and your brand! Check out more of what this leading lady has to offer on her brand’s website!

From top to bottom: Corinne McCormack (Roxy), Corinne McCormack (Sydney), Corinne McCormack (Suri), Corinne McCormack (Nicole) and Corinne McCormack (Kate)