Dare to Stand Out in Jimmy Choo Eyewear

Step up your style with new specs and sunnies from Jimmy Choo. These jaw-dropping frames deliver a high-fashion feel that exude confidence in praise-worthy, yet easy-to-wear rounded, rectangular, pilot-inspired, oval and geometric silhouettes. Glitter effects and understated leopard prints add a touch of feminine allure, while artisanal cut-outs, translucent accents and daring double bridges offer an edgy appeal. Meanwhile, minimalistic specs showcase elegant textured temple designs and curved metal detailing. Prepare to fall in love with chic purples, understated pinks, quintessential tortoises, classic blacks and shiny silvers. Check ‘em out, below.

Jimmy Choo (CIARA), Jimmy Choo (MALYA), Jimmy Choo (VELA), Jimmy Choo (SONNY), Jimmy Choo (JC 244), Jimmy Choo (EMBER), Jimmy Choo (TONIE)