Delight in City Luxe Sunnies with FYSH UK

Urban-chic sunnies with a hint of flair is just what every gal needs in her eyewear wardrobe, and FYSH UK has your back on this one. These new shady styles combine flirty silhouettes with understatedly cool details for an effortlessly modern look. Oversized rounds, squared-off butterflies and modified cat-eyes are jazzed up with delicate etchings, trendy texture, and hints of glam studs and metal accents. Subdued blues and maroon reds, along with classic black and tortoises easily fit in to the contemporary city lifestyle. These easy-to-pop-on shades will be just the trick to take your ensemble to the next level. Check out the new styles, below.

FYSH UK (2201), FYSH UK (2002), FYSH UK (2003), FYSH UK (2004), FYSH UK (2005), FYSH UK (2006), FYSH UK (2007), FYSH UK (2008)