Dolabany Eyewear: Where Comfort and Color Collide

Let’s face it. Nobody likes wearing uncomfortable specs. After all, they’re usually adorning your face for hours on end, so they’ve got to feel—and look—just right! Luckily, Dolabany Eyewear has combined the best of both worlds with the latest Paxton eyeglasses.

Crafted with a lightweight material, these frames were specially designed for a single purpose: to keep annoying, migraine-infusing pressure off your nose, temples and eye area. Now that you don’t have to worry about those impending headaches, it’s time to get to style! These soft, rectangular glasses are spot on, featuring a trendy color-blocking palette of muted hues like blue, yellow, purple and red, and neutrals like brown, gray and white.

Interested in these über durable and versatile glasses? Get more deets, or buy your peepers their very own pair!

Dolabany Eyewear (Paxton) in various color combinations