ELLE: Where Nature Meets Femme Beauty

Inspired by nature and the alluring contours of the womanly form, the springtime ELLE specs and sunnies offer up fluid lines, vibrantly earthy washes and subtly elegant detailing. Ladylike babes are sure to be drawn to these frames’ romantical palette of soft rose, royal purple, deep red and bright blue hues, with pops of classic tortoise and black. Meanwhile, varying smooth profiles—from demure cat-eyes and soft ovals, to sleek rectangles and butterfly shapes—perfectly mirror all kinds of feminine silhouettes. With minimal detailing, like color-blocked and textured temples, glossy finishes and delicate metallic accents, at the forefront, these glasses and shades are ideal for no-fuss gals, with a true eye for sophisticated style.

ELLE (EL 13369), ELLE (EL 13372), ELLE (EL 13350), ELLE (EL13370), ELLE (EL 13367), ELLE (EL 18983), ELLE (18992), ELLE (EL 18989), ELLE (18986)

ELLE (EL 13369), ELLE (EL 13372), ELLE (EL 13350), ELLE (EL 13370), ELLE (EL 13367), ELLE (EL 18983), ELLE (EL 18992), ELLE (EL 18989), ELLE (EL 18986)