ELLE Sunwear Ignites Femme Flair

ELLE’s latest sunwear collection for spring and summer is all about subtle feminine accents. From gorgeous bowknot, twist and floral temple embellishments, to crisp color blocking and understated stripe patterns, these sunnies are sprinkled with lots of dainty details. And that’s not all.

Flirty frame silhouettes, like curved squares, ovals, cat-eyes and rounds, beautifully add to these sunnies’ ladylike intrigue. Meanwhile, a rich and diverse color palette, of deep red, vibrant blue, sleek white, natural tortoise, and varying shades of gold and yellow, provides a stunning backdrop for the eye-popping adornments to truly shine!

From top to bottom: ELLE (EL18965), ELLE (EL18969), ELLE (EL18971), ELLE (EL18973) and ELLE (EL18977)