Embrace a Fashion-Forward Vibe in Ray-Ban Shades

Prepare to have all eyes on you in new Ray-Ban sunnies. Brimming with eye-catching details, these frames deliver a fresh and artisanal appeal with easy-to-wear square, pilot-inspired and oval silhouettes. Shake up your eyewear wardrobe for vibrant hues including glossy golds, fierce reds, flashy blues, quintessential tortoises and more. Sleek metallic brow bars command attention, while understated double bridges offer a carefree yet distinctly modern look. Meanwhile, contemporary frames add a touch of panache with bold pops of color. Take a look, below.

Ray-Ban (RB3119), Ray-Ban (RB1973), Ray-Ban (RB2219), Ray-Ban (RJ9052), Ray-Ban (RB3025)