Enjoy Sunny Days in CARRERA Shades

Do you share our love of polarized lenses? Well, prepare yourself, because you’re about to be blown away by the new technology that CARRERA is incorporating into their new X-cede collection. Powered by NXT technology, these shades feature microscopic nanotechnology receptors embedded in each lens that reject harsh glare and reflection while simultaneously admitting and enhancing light waves that carry the most vivid color, clarity and detail.

Sounds complicated, we know. But the important part is that these Rx-able sunnies will have you seeing the world in a whole new light. Besides enhancing your view, X-cede frames are a fashion staple and are available in metal or plastic materials and trendy shapes including traditional rectangles and modified aviators.

So, say goodbye to dull or skewed colors, with these bad boys on you’ll have the luxury of keeping out the blinding sun and letting in the crystal clear beauty nature has to offer.

Carrera X-Cede by Safilo