Evo-Tec: Where Bold Meets Sleek

Vibrant hues collide with streamlined design when it comes to Ogi Eyewear’s new Evo-Tec specs. Boasting a bold palette of bright blue, vibrant purple, citrus orange, lime green and crystal clear, these glasses are sure to instantly turn heads. Plus, their sleek rectangular silhouettes give way to true angular appeal. Combined, the look-at-me colors and modern profiles make for an utterly striking appearance. And that’s not all—a mix of matte and glossy finishes, blotted and camo patterns, curved bridges and exaggerated brow bars only boost the expressiveness of these frames! Get even more deets here!

Ogi Eyewear (4815), Ogi Eyewear (4812), Ogi Eyewear (4811), Ogi Eyewear (4810) Ogi Eyewear (4809)