Express Your Natural Beauty in neubau Eyewear

What better way to kick off a new initiative than with new styles to boot? There’s no better way, which is why neubau Eyewear is introducing three optical frames that are made out of their spankin’ new innovative material, naturalPX. Organically sourced from renewable products, this lightweight, flexible and sturdy material is just a step in the right direction for the brand whose commitment to improvement – not just in style, but also in production – is taking center stage. Modern takes on classic silhouettes like rounds, squares and cat-eyes are simple and refined. Coal grays, denim blues, evergreens, honey yellows and dusty purples are available in matte finishes, plus translucent effects. Guys and gals looking for an urban aesthetic but with natural roots, look no further. Check ‘em out, below.

neubau Eyewear (Dani), neubau Eyewear (Valerie), neubau Eyewear (Bob)