Eye SPY Happiness

Who knew sunglasses had the ability to play with your emotions? Apparently, SPY’s latest technology seeks to do just that, but in a good way, of course. These awesome, innovative SPY lenses–cleverly named “Happy”–are specially designed to allow blue light to shine through, which is said to positively uplift your emotions. Crazy, right? To boot, these shades will still protect your peepers from dangerous UV rays and blinding glare.

These high-tech shades come in varying sporty styles, from wayfarer-inspired shapes and wraparound frames to dapper rounds and sleek rectangular silhouettes. And they feature sweet details—like thick temples with chiseled dimension, metal embellishments, clip-on and colored lenses, keyhole bridges and brow bar detailing—and a range of solid and translucent colorations in black, blue, neon and earthy orange, and tortoise. So next time you set your sights on a new pair of SPY sunnies, you’ll know it’s a win win when it comes to style, protection and even your mood!

From top to bottom: SPY (Touring), SPY (Cutter), SPY (Colt), SPY (Haight), SPY (Beachwood), SPY (Crosstown), SPY (General), SPY (Helm), SPY (McCoy), SPY (Farrah), SPY (Dirk), SPY (Dirty) and SPY (Discord)