Essential Eyewear Stats

With lots of statistics swirling around about eyewear as a fashion accessory and people’s frame-wearing habits, it’s tough to know what’s fact or fiction. Stay in the know by checking out these essential eyewear facts, collected from The Vision Council’s most recent “VisionWatch” consumer survey! Keep these informative tidbits on tap by downloading this PDF.

  • There are 188.7 million vision correction users in the United States.
  • 213.8 million Americans wear non-prescription sunglasses.
  • 30.9 million Americans wear over-the-counter readers.
  • 36.4 percent of Americans regularly use two or more pairs of prescription eyeglasses.
  • 52.4 percent of Americans regularly use two or more pairs of sunglasses.
  • More than 1/6 of Americans believe that the style of the frame is the most important factor when buying eyeglasses.
  • More than 3/5 (60 percent) of Americans bought their most recent pair of sunglasses because of the fit on their face.
  • Up to 19 million Americans have worn eyeglasses without a prescription just to be fashionable.
  • 68.6 percent of eyeglass wearers recognize that frames are more fashionable now than they were five years ago.