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Get Shady Celebuspawn Style for Your Kids

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re already an eyewear lover and you’ve got a slew of sunnies in your sun-sational wardrobe. But, the question is, do your children? As adults we’re often so concerned with slathering sunscreen on the kids that we overlook the need for them to wear sunglasses. Studies show thatRead more »

Wiley X Keeps Style In & Elements Out

There are finally sunglasses that can keep up with those of us who love to brave the outdoors and whatever curve ball Mother Nature throws our way. Wiley X has introduced Curve, a stylish wraparound frame from their Climate Control Series that will keep your eyes protected, no matter what activity you’re doing. Designed withRead more »

Enjoy Sunny Days in CARRERA Shades

Do you share our love of polarized lenses? Well, prepare yourself, because you’re about to be blown away by the new technology that CARRERA is incorporating into their new X-cede collection. Powered by NXT technology, these shades feature microscopic nanotechnology receptors embedded in each lens that reject harsh glare and reflection while simultaneously admitting andRead more »

Kliik and Fysh UK Will Exceed Your Ex-spec-tations

We know there are plenty of options for all of you fashionably framed folks out there, and the specs offered by Wescan Optical are no exception. Whether you’re looking for specs to go with a certain outfit or you are due for a new pair, we’re confident that you’ll find eyewear bliss in Kliik orRead more »

Marvel Over Flawless ProDesign Specs

Does your personal eyewear collection need a boost? Whether you’re looking for new styles, eclectic details, lightweight material, comfort or a pop of color, these specs from ProDesign will certainly appease your every wish. Check out their latest models below: The Axiom 6115 is a robust frame with a minimalistic feel. The rimless design offersRead more »

Giorgio Armani Frames of Your Life

To put a new spin on their advertising, fashion powerhouse Giorgio Armani decided to unleash famous bloggers and trendsetters—including Micol Sabbadini, Tommy Ton and Yvan Rodic—along the most stylish streets in the world for their new Frames of Your Life campaign. The bloggers were tasked with traveling to the four corners of the globe andRead more »

FENDI Shades Boast Undeniable Style

Are you a dapper dude who craves sleek sophistication and high-end style or one that wishes he did? Then you’re in luck because Marchon Eyewear is bringing you a new FENDI men’s collection that adds the perfect accent to your already flawless wardrobe and makes exquisite style attainable for the fashionably challenged. These designer dudsRead more »

Ogi Eyewear Rocked Lollapalooza

Summertime brings those winter daydreams of soaking up the warm sunshine while swaying with your pals to the beats from your favorite bands a reality. Being avid concert-goers and music enthusiasts, we love keeping up with the latest events we aren’t able to attend. So needless to say we were thrilled when we learned thatRead more »

Eye Love Celeb Style

We all know that celebrities set the stage when it comes to fashion, and eyewear is no exception. To give you a jumpstart on the latest eyewear buzz, here are a slew of your favorite A-listers in some fabulous sunnies and specs. This year’s dramatic comedy Larry Crowne made a box office splash with itsRead more »

Embellish Your Peepers in Revlon Specs

It’s about time you gave your peepers something to sparkle about. So, without further ado, here are four vintage-inspired Revlon specs by Altair Eyewear that are sure to add that dazzling effect your eyes have been missing. These new frames are all adorned with brilliant Austrian crystals in a variety of elegant cuts—from bold baguetteRead more »