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Makeup Tips for Spexy Ladies

Some ladies shy away from glasses and opt for contacts because they think they can’t show off their beautiful peepers from behind their lenses. It’s time to throw out that skewed ideology – it only takes a little help from your beloved cosmetic collection to complete a flawless look. Follow these simple guidelines and you’llRead more »

Mix ‘n Match Your Shades to Suit Your Mood

If you’re anything like the typical girl, it probably takes you a solid 45 minutes to pick out your outfit for the day (tack on another 45 if it’s a Friday night) and as you hopscotch your way around discarded camis and skirts on the floor, you realize you haven’t even thought about your accessoriesRead more »

CSI: NY Gets Swanky in Cinzia Designs

Doctors and detectives on CBS’s CSI: NY took a break from taking on the Big Apple’s  rift raft and instead enjoyed a little R&R backstage with reps from Cinzia Designs. The crime fighters and crew were fit with hot new sunnies to achieve the ultimate intimidating detective look. Check out the styles worn by NewRead more »

Celebs Rockin’ John Varvatos and Lucky Brand Shades

We know you must harbor a secret affinity for celebrity sightings like us, which is why we’re happy to show off these famous faces wearing fabulous sunglasses. Whether they’re grabbing coffee, hailing a cab, on set or at a premiere, it’s always fun to admire the to-die-for styles of the rich and famous. Looking likeRead more »

Famous Faces Getting Shady in Nike Vintage

Gordon Hayward While this adorable picture might have you thinking Gordon Hayward is a young amateur, don’t be fooled. This 20-year-old cutie pie is a ferocious forward who was drafted ninth in the first round of the 2010 NBA draft. Hayward was recruited by Butler University, but only played two short years there after beingRead more »

Hit the Slopes in Hot Juicy Goggles

Too early to talk snow gear? We don’t think so, especially with Juicy Couture’s “Black Diamond” ski goggles hitting stores. Whether you’re a black diamond diva, sassy snowboarder or a bunny hill enthusiast, you’ll need these flashy goggles to fight glare from the sun and protect your peepers from snow showers (caused by the weatherRead more »

Get Behind the Wheel in Style

With the busiest travel weekend just days away, we imagine that you’re one of many who are packing up your loosest pants in preparation to visit family and friends for a Thanksgiving feast. If you want to avoid the long security lines and potential TSA pat-downs at the airport, you’re probably hitting the road insteadRead more »

Famous Faces Getting Shady in Nike Vintage

Brandon Graham The Philadelphia Eagles knew what they were doing when they snatched up Brandon Graham, the 13th pick in the first round of the 2010 draft from Michigan. The now pro-footballer is a dominant defensive end who keeps improving with every game, especially in Sunday’s division duel against the New York Giants. Graham forcedRead more »

Popstars Sizzle in Eyewear at the AMAs

It was a busy evening for the musically gifted as fans from all over the world tuned in to see their favorite artists perform at the 38th annual American Music Awards last night. As always, the performances and red carpet fashions were glamorous and envy-worthy. We spotted rockers, rappers, pop princesses and boy band heartthrobsRead more »

Famous Faces Getting Shady in Nike Vintage

Chris Bosh Since the off season, every team in the NBA has been preparing to face the Miami Heat trifecta, starring Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and our favorite, Chris Bosh. While it seems the three stars are still learning to mesh their skills, their potential is undeniable. Bosh is one of the league’s best power-centersRead more »