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Seraphin (Barrymore) in varying colorations

Remaster Classic Style in Seraphin Specs

A rare blend of iconic and trendsetting design, the Barrymore by Seraphin is elegant yet highly wearable, making it the perfect frame for a professional gal with a major eye for style. The feminine square silhouette is enhanced by contemporary colorways like emerald greens, dusty mauves, warm browns and sleek blues. Silver details add aRead more »

Marc Jacobs (104S), Marc Jacobs (136S), Marc Jacobs (146), Marc Jacobs (100S), Marc Jacobs (105S), Marc Jacobs (109S), Marc Jacobs (112), Marc Jacobs (137S)

Fall in Love with All Marc Jacobs Eyewear Has to Offer

Marc Jacobs is at it again with their fall collection of to-die-for specs and sunnies. Gals will flock toward the myriad of posh autumnal elements like double bridges, extended effects, metallic details, patterns, glitter accents and more. Choose from a variety of shapes such as dramatic cat-eyes, trendy rounds, modified Clubmasters, adapted butterflies and alteredRead more »

Realtree Eyewear (R415), Realtree Eyewear (R414), Realtree Eyewear (R413), Realtree Eyewear (R412)

All Eyes Are on New Optical Frames from Realtree

If you can find ‘em, grab ‘em! These four sneaky optical styles from Realtree are something you’ll want to get your hands on. Guys and gals alike will appreciate the unexpected combination of the brand’s signature camo prints with the trends everybody wants to sport. Modified rectangular silhouettes are intensified with jeweled accents, two-tone colorationsRead more »

Cocoons (C6026G), Cocoons (C4115A)

Spoil Yourself with Shady Style Courtesy of Cocoons

Slip in to a pair of the new fitover sunglass styles from Cocoons, and you’ll discover what you’ve been missing. Sleek full-wraparound profiles are given a sophisticated edge thanks to warm two-tone colorations such as dark toffees drizzled with caramel hues and luxurious golds. Gradient effects along with timeless tortoise patterns make for understated panacheRead more »

Pepe Jean London (PJ-4037), Pepe Jean London (PJ-4038), Pepe Jean London (PJ-4039)

Outfit your Tot in the Trendiest Frames from Pepe Jeans London

Cool kids will flock to the new optical frames from Pepe Jeans London. Sportin’ the season’s hottest eyewear shapes – think a gentle square frame for girls, as well as a rounded unisex profile and a rectangular silhouette for boys – your kiddo will feel like they belong not only on the playground, but onRead more »

Öga (7935O), Öga (8204O), Öga (8207O)

Relish in Stand-Up Style with Öga Glasses

Confident yet relaxed men will adore these striking new frames from Öga’s Skarp collection. Elegant use of colors like cranberry reds, warm-toned grays and stand-out blues are combined with familiar rectangular and round profiles. A subtle keyhole bridge offers contemporary refinement, while black and silver temple details add a touch of panache. Regardless of whetherRead more »

Kliik denmark (K-562), Kliik denmark (K-564)

Stir Your Style Maven in KLiiK denmark Specs

Get inspired with Scandinavian design and European trends in the new specs from KLiiK denmark. These new optical frames are the perfect balance of vintage-inspired shapes and modern textures. A modified Clubmaster-like profile allows you to revisit beloved shapes in a new way. Contrasting colored bridges play on the two-toned hues of rich blacks, sleekRead more »

XXL Eyewear (Bearcat), XXL Eyewear (Mastodon)

Be Extra Fashionable in XXL Eyewear

Classic, athletic and sophisticated with a hint of edge – what more could a guy want from the new XXL Eyewear specs? Probably not a lot, and that’s why we’re so impressed! Two new optical frames boast modified rectangular and adapted oval profiles combined with sleek metal accents for uptown fashion and downtown fun. ChicRead more »

ICU Eyewear (8832), Icon Eyewear (30449), Zac Posen (Shelley), Etnia Barcelona (Yokohama Sunset), Burberry (BE 3085Q), Givenchy (GV 7040S)

Play Copy Cat in Celebrity Look-Alike Shades

They say imitation is the finest form of flattery, and we are right on board with this notion! Celebs always sport supreme sunwear that makes us envious of their fashion choices, so we’ve gathered shots of a few hot celebs rockin’ stand-out sunnies and selected look-alike frames to get you on your way to stardomRead more »

Exces (E3131), Exces (3132), Exces (EP133)

Pamper Your Peepers with Exces Specs

An excess of style? No such thing! New optical frames from Exces prove you can have it all. These latest additions incorporate youthful character with staple rectangular silhouettes, making ‘em true must-have fashion accessories. Elegant feminine shapes are graced with chic rhinestones and metal accents for fresh glitz. Cool browns, deep navies as well asRead more »