Go Eyewear Green

Going green is all the rage lately. You can buy green cars, green food, green home appliances, green clothing and so much more. So why not go green when it comes to your eyewear? There are lots of frame designers that are getting in on the so-called green trend, crafting trendy specs and sunnies that are made of sustainable materials. So you’ll see better and look super fashionable in your glasses, all while helping to protect good ‘ole Mother Nature. Get more deets on some of our fave eco-friendly frames below!

MYKITA: These modernized black aviators with translucent nude lenses from MYKITA couldn’t be any cooler. Meanwhile, they’re made of recyclable and biodegradable acetate material!

Rough Justice: Looking trendy has never been so easy in these opaque gray, wayfarer-inspired Rough Justice shades with bright purple lenses! Plus, they are completely made of recycled plastic!

ProDesign: Boasting a gorgeous and earthy faux wood finish, these ProDesign glasses scream nature chic! To boot, they are crafted using gentle and sustainable processing, and from biodegradable acetate material.

Timberland: These sleek rectangular specs in deep green and navy blue perfectly reflect the hues of the great outdoors. Stemming from Timberland’s “Earthkeepers” collection, these frames are partly made of biobased plastic from plant oil.

Maui Jim: All of these varying Maui Jim frames—from the rounded wayfarer-inspired shades and sportier wraparound and shield styles, to the “Switchbacks” that allow you to swap out different lenses—have lenses that were produced in a lab where just about everything is recycled and later used to make the lenses themselves.

ZEAL Optics: Who knew glasses could be made of cotton? Not us! These purple, rounded square shades from ZEAL Optics—which come in plenty of other bright and neutral colors, by the way—are made from the fluffy plants that are only grown in America, making them completely biodegradable. They also feature plant-based lenses! So these are all around green sunnies!

Want more information about these frames, the materials they were made of or how they were produced? Feel free to email your Eyecessorize gals at eyecessorize@gmail.com with any questions you may have, or leave us a comment below—we’re happy to help you out!

MYKITA (Elroy), Rough Justice (Divalicious), ProDesign (PR 7622-PR 7628), Timberland (TB1268), Timberland (TB1267), Maui Jim (Kahoma), Maui Jim (Switchbacks), Maui Jim (Stone Crushers), Maui Jim (Pure Air), ZEAL Optics (ACE)