F/W ’19 Pantone Fashion Color Report: Inside Look at Fall Hues

As summer quickly approaches, the fashion world is already two steps ahead and looking toward the fall/winter fashion weeks. With the release of the Pantone Color Institute fall/winter 2019 fashion color report for both New York and London, we’re getting an inside peek into what our future wardrobes will look like. Take a look at the coming season’s many colorations, below.

New York: A boldly-filled palette offers a wide-ranging assortment of colors that are streaked with a feeling of freedom and celebration of self. Spicy red Chili Pepper and Biking Red pack a punch of strength with a hint of drama. Peach Pink offers the warmth of a healthy glow, while soft pink Crème de Pêche brings a touch of ease. Feel the fearlessness exuded by the lively coral Fruit Dove, the burnt orange Dark Cheddar and bright Orange Tiger. Sweet brown Sugar Almond, chocolaty Rocky Road and evergreen Eden present a grounded feeling, while Bluestone and Galaxy Blue have us reaching for the stars.

London: Shift through the complexities of the London palette and feel the empowerment of a journey completed. Vital orangey-reds of Cranberry, Merlot, Summer Fig and Cranapple provide depth and richness. Butterscotch brings a delicious addition in its golden yellow that’s complemented by organic brown Hazel, but sharply contrasted by the yellow-based green of Antique Moss. Quiet hues of mauve Grapeade and Bluestone offer comfort, while Forest Biome, Galaxy Blue and Chicory Coffee bring an awakening of sophistication.


Seasonal Essentials: Connecting the two fashion hubs are go-to hues that are major must-haves. Rutabaga and Vanilla Custard fulfill our silky white needs, while Evening Blue boasts our confidence. Grey-toned Paloma and Forest Gray give off a distinctly reliable vibe, while Green Olive and Guacamole leave a refreshing impression.