Face Fitting X Fashion Week: Picking the Perfect Trendy Frames for You

As you’re oohing and ahhing over the upcoming season’s eyewear trends during fashion weeks, you may be wondering how you can incorporate these hot looks into your own wardrobe. But determining what silhouettes look best on your face shape may be making you hesitant to dive right in. Not to worry, eyewear lovahs, we’ve got tips to help you pick the perfect frames so you can be lookin’ your best every day. The two golden rules of face-fitting are: The shape of the frames should typically contrast with the shape of the face, and proportion is key – the size of the frames should somewhat match the size of the face, as larger frames may swallow a smaller face, and smaller frames may draw more attention to larger face.

But of course, so much of looking good is feeling good, so no need to obey these guidelines to a T.  Despite the traditional face-fitting tips we at Eyecessorize provide, it’s totally up to you to decide what frames look and feel best! Just take a peek at the models on the runway and you’ll see they don’t always follow our face-fitting tips, yet they still rock their specs and sunnies with confidence – and you should too!  If you need a starting point for selecting eyewear based on your face shape, keep scrollin’.


Characteristics of a heart-shaped face include a wide forehead and high cheekbones with a narrow chin. Look for frames that will broaden the appearance of the chin and minimize forehead width.

Choose: Slightly rounded frames that dip between your eyes to break up a wider forehead or frames that are wider at the bottom

Avoid: Overly embellished frames and top-heavy styles that draw attention upward

Frame Suggestions: Aviators, butterfly styles and rimless profiles


Characteristics of an oblong-shaped face include the face being longer than it is wide with a narrow chin and cheeks, and a large forehead. Look for frames that break the length of the face, making it appear shorter and wider.

Choose: Deep frames to minimize facial length and width, as well as oversized frames to bring proportion to the face

Avoid: Short frames without depth that will accentuate face length and frames that are too narrow

Frame Suggestions: Oversized styles and wraparound profiles


Characteristics of a round-shaped face include full cheekbones, little to no angles, and the width and the length of the face are in similar proportions. Look for frames that make the face appear longer and thinner.

Choose: Slightly angular frames that will create a narrowing effect

Avoid: Round frames or lenses that will exaggerate facial shape

Frame Suggestions: Rectangles, squares and sporty or squared-off retro styles


Characteristics of an oval-shaped face include the chin being slightly narrower than the forehead creating visually balanced proportions. Look for frames that keep the natural balance of the oval.

Choose: A size that’s in proportion to the face

Avoid: Oversized styles that will swallow a petite face or too-small styles on a larger face

Frame Suggestions: Options are unlimited so ovals can have fun and play with an array of classic or trendy styles


Characteristics of a square-shaped face include a broad forehead and strong jawline, as well as a wide chin and cheekbones. Look for frames that soften and balance out a strong jawline and make the face appear longer.

Choose: Round, oval or curved frames to soften the face and jaw

Avoid: Boxy and angular frames as the sharp lines will be too harsh

Frame Suggestions: Rounded, oval and Jackie O styles, cat-eye profiles and semi-rimless frames with soft curves