Fall ‘17 Unfolds Archetypal Shades + Unforeseen Hues

Every year while people are enjoying the start of summer, the longer days, the sunshine and warm weather, we’re looking forward to the fall color palette (and we know we’re not alone!). Autumn colorations are calling our name, and this year there is even more to love! Pantone not only released its seasonal fashion color report drawing from New York Fashion Week, but they also released a report incorporating the hottest hues from London Fashion Week, too. These pigments effortlessly translate into the upcoming season’s specs and sunnies, so check out what you have to look forward to, below.

New York: This warm palette is classic autumn in our books, but with a twist. Autumn Maple and Navy Peony are quintessential seasonal hues that lay a foundation for brighter variations of Butterum, a camel hue, and Marina, a surprisingly springy blue, to build on. A blush pale pink, Ballet Slipper, flirts with Grenadine, an orangey red, which could easily be borrowed from your summer wardrobe. Meanwhile deep Tawny Port and Shaded Spruce are comfortable enveloping colors, while Neutral Gray is the perfect base for layering. Golden Lime, a chartreuse green, is a striking addition that adds a hint of panache.

Fall 2017 Pantone Fashion Color Report: New York

London: An array of yellow-toned neutrals are spiced up with unpredictable shades in this version of fall. Vivid Flame Scarlet, a coral-toned red, is the stand out color when supported by neutral browns, Otter and Toast. A familiar autumnal hue, Golden Olive, and spicy Lemon Curry allow transitional Blue Bell, a tranquil cornflower blue, and enchanting Royal Lilac to let the palette linger in warmer months. Borrowing from spring, Primrose Pink is a fresh addition, while inviting Navy Peony pops up again to ground the palette.

Fall 2017 Pantone Fashion Color Report: London