Fall into Color that Transcends Time + Place

Enthralled by the beauty of the past and the spirit of the present, designers are channeling such energy and recreating it with the fall season’s truly alluring color palette. Drawing inspiration from everything from books and artisan crafts, to photography and retro architecture, to exotic landscapes and the children of rock legends, the hues for the chilly-weather months are roused by various vantage points from yesteryear and today. With rich reds, elegant purples, cheerful blues, powerful greens, citrus yellows and classic neutrals at the forefront, the fashion realm is already bursting with vibrant fall fervor.

However, while we’re drowning in the glory of all things spring, it’s hard to transport our minds to colder times ahead. But trust us, you don’t want to miss out on fall’s seriously gorgeous pigments—after all, they’ll translate perfectly when it comes to the season’s sumptuous specs and sunnies! Taking note from the Pantone Color Institute, women ought to delve into their spicy selves this fall, with Sangria, a glamorous fuchsia-like tone, not to mention Aurora Red, which radiates vivacious spark. Stirring the imagination, soft Mauve Mist exudes femme vibes from the deco era, and sprightly Radiant Orchid captivates the entire spectrum—pair either shade with regal Cypress green for an unexpectedly juxtaposed, yet eye-catching, look. Boasting a slightly grassy undertone, Bright Cobalt puts a fresh twist on its traditional counterpart, while the ever-versatile Royal Blue offers up more vivacity than the typical navy. To boot, Aluminum, an ultramodern gray, and Cognac, a surprisingly sophisticated brown, bring forward a neutral perspective. Rounding out the collection is Misted Yellow, a glimmer of sunshine and warmth, alluding to the promise of spring’s soon-to-be presence.

There’s long been a gradual shift toward a unisex palette, and this season is no exception. Men are set to enjoy the same washes as the ladies, with a slight alteration—serving as a masculine representation of Mauve Mist, Sea Fog is a dignified take on lavender purple.

The Pantone Color Institute's Fall 2014 Palette for Women and Men

The Pantone Color Institute’s Fall 2014 Palette for Women and Men