Famous Faces Getting Shady in Nike Vintage

Amir Johnson

Who said you had to go to college to be drafted to the NBA? While it’s rare for a high school athlete to go from homecoming star to a national b-ball sensation, that’s exactly what happened to Amir Johnson when he was drafted by the Pistons in 2006. The 6-foot-9-inch power forward was traded last year to the Toronto Raptors (with a not too shabby 5-year contract).

While the Raptors are having a bit of a slow start with a 1-3 record, Johnson is hoping to turn up the heat and rack up the points against the undefeated Lakers tonight at 10 pm EST.

When he’s not shooting up a storm on the court, Johnson likes to keep it cool in Nike Vintage 76 tortoise shades.

Amir Johnson in Nike Vintage 76

Amir Johnson in Nike Vintage 76