Fashionable OveRx Collection By Live Eyewear

In response to popular demand, Live Eyewear has added three new Soft Touch frame finishes to their Vistana OveRx sunwear collection — matte black, tortoiseshell and violet. The colors were so well received with their Cocoons collection that they couldn’t resist adding these delish colors to Vistana.

While sunglasses that are designed to fit on top of everyday specs are thought of as being both useful and practical, fashionable may not be the first word that comes to your mind. That is no longer the case as Live Eyewear made a pointed effort to address these pessimists and surprise them with an innovative and stylish design. We have to give them credit — the Vistana OveRx collection boasts polished, bold and all-around trendy frames.

Vistana OveRx by Live Eyewear

The new frame finishes are available in five sizes with a choice of gray or copper polarized Polaré lenses.