Feel Confident and Comfortable in B.M.E.C. Eyewear

Find the right fit and style for you with new specs from the B.M.E.C. collection. These frames prove that style has no size with on-trend designs that are constructed to maximize comfort. Rectangle, modified square and pilot-like shapes strike the perfect balance between professional and relaxed. Contemporary fronts feature double bridges and semi-rimless options, while understated temples showcase metallic accents. Masculine colorations including electric blues, classic blacks, gunmetal hues, deep navies and more present an ultra-modern vibe. Check ‘em out, below.

B.M.E.C. (BIG Fish), B.M.E.C. (BIG Flight), B.M.E.C. (BIG Life), B.M.E.C. (BIG Offer), B.M.E.C. (BIG Spike), B.M.E.C. (BIG Vista), B.M.E.C. (BIG Advance)