Feel Eternally Elegant in New été Frames

Do you have an affinity for luxurious accessories? If so, we can’t think of a better collection to bestow upon you besides the été collection by Optylux Group. Their new spring collection is bursting with sharp colors, thoughtful details and contemporary designs.

What makes été frames so unique? For starters, they’re handcrafted in Italy but, more importantly, they’re the only eyewear line in the world to incorporate real feathers into their frames. The feathers featured in the collection are supplied by the same small factory close to Tuscany that couture fashion houses like Armani and Dior use.

Each feather is selectively hand placed between layers of acetate to create a one-of-a-kind look for each new style. The feathers, along with the overall design concept, exude a classic and feminine vibe throughout the collection.

Available in a multitude of colors, these four new été models are suited perfectly for those of you looking to emulate the elegance of old Hollywood in today’s hottest trends.

été (Bargeme, Cyr, Genis, Sablet) by Optylux Group

View the complete collection at www.optylux.com and be sure to check the Eyewear Boutique page to find an optical shop in your area.