Find Endless Style in Converse & Lucky Brand Shades

Whether you’re an eclectic hipster, sports enthusiast, habitual trendsetter or devoted prepster, you’ll be more than able to satisfy your personal style with one of the wonderful new additions to Converse or Lucky Brand’s fall sunwear collections. Both brands boast vibrant color combinations, updated shapes and all around clean and trendy designs. Check out what each collection has to offer below:

To cater to everyone’s fashion personality, Converse has pumped up their Star Chevron, Backstage and Heritage collections this season. Star Chevron will be a top pick for the athletically inclined with their durable TR-90 material and rubberized temples, while fashionistas will totally dig the bold colors and feminine shapes in the Heritage collection. The aviator obsessed will instantly fall in love with the light and refreshing model found in the Backstage collection and girly girls will squeal with delight over the glamorous shades with star adorned temples.



The new Lucky Brand shades are all about options. Prepared to appease the rockers, punks, preps and style chameleons, this fall collection has a mix of frames with new, modern touches. You’ll have your way with a colorful wayfarers, keyhole bridges, two-tones, matte metal, colored lenses and more. With no shortage of styles, these sunnies make it easy to switch up your look for any occasion!

Lucky Brand