Find Shady Relief in Fitovers

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Being able to throw on a pair of shades over prescription eyewear certainly has its advantages, and now, you can get a touch of Aussie flair to boot. The Nagari Collection by Jonathan Paul Eyewear features Fitovers that are inspired by the Australian Aboriginals and use colors, patterns and shapes to shake things up for a fun, edgy style.

The new collection is made up of six different styles and unlike traditional Fitovers, these shades don’t have a side lens. Without the extra lens, Nagari frames take on a sleeker, more daring shape that will make you look and feel confident. These shady gems provide maximum UVA and UVB sun protection for your precious peepers and also Polarvue premium polarized lenses for a crystal clear view.

With optimal style, quality and convenience at your fingertips, it’s hard to resist the benefits Nagari Fitovers have to offer.

Nagari Collection (Kiata) by Jonathan Paul Eyewear