Find Your Style: Fall 2017 Readers Trends

Summer is on its way, but we can’t help looking forward to the fall 2017 trends. And if you’re one of the 30.9 million adults in the United States that wear reading glasses, according to The Vision Council, there are some stylin’ readers (or sun readers for those who enjoy the great outdoors) out there for you to peruse. Poppin’ on a pair of readers is an important lifestyle improvement for anyone having trouble seeing the teeny tiny text that seems to be everywhere from books, to newspapers and magazines, to menus and more. But don’t worry – wearing readers doesn’t mean your fashion has to suffer.

To show you the style ropes, we’ve gathered a few of our fave readers for the upcoming season. With alluring cat-eyes and retro rounds, plus classic aviators and suave rectangular profiles, there’s a shape for everyone. Metal rivet accents on the temples add a hint of panache, while daring mosaic, tortoise and marbleized prints make a big impact. Hues of grassy greens, sky blues, eye-catching oranges, and pops of reds and yellows offer an array of flattering colors. Take a peek at the coveted readers and sun readers, below, and make sure to keep these key tips in mind when purchasing your next pair:

  • Fit matters! Keep your readers in proportion to your face, and remember opposites attract in terms of frame and face shapes. The silhouette of the eyewear should contrast with the shape of the face.
  • Starting a collection is key. Why have just one pair? Having multiple pairs will not only allow you to switch up your style, but will make stashing frames in numerous, easy-to-reach spots a breeze so you’ll never have to go without.
  • Know your vision needs. Visit your eyecare provider for an annual eye exam and to find out what lens strength your eyes require.
  • Stay in tune to your style. Everyone naturally gravitates toward a specific style and shops accordingly. Maintain that mindset when it comes to snagging readers to ensure your new pairs fall in line with your unique look.


Women’s Colors: An abundance of saturated hues like burnt and neon oranges, bubblegum pinks, mauve and lilac purples, fiery reds, forest greens and deep blues mixed with soft teals, plus patterned multicolored and black-and-white accents

Ann Taylor Readers (ATR04015), BluTech Eyewear (Bright Idea), Corinne McCormack (Brandy), Desert Sunglass (RG19914), eyebobs (Luna See), Foster Grant (Angie), Icon Eyewear (75680), Peepers by PeeperSpecs (Redwoods), Studio by ICU Eyewear (Columbus), Tribeca by Scojo New York (Burlington Ave)

Men’s Colors: Shades of oceanic blues, electric greens, creamiscal oranges and ruby reds juxtaposed by classic tortoise, subdued olives, jet blacks and pops of translucents

allo readers (G’DAY), allo readers (SHALOM), BluTech Eyewear (High Profile), Colors in Optics (CX115), Desert Sunglass (RG10701), eyebobs (Peckerhead), I Heart Eyewear (Bendz Mesa), Readers.com (Silas Sun Reader), Tribeca by Scojo New York (Bogart St.)

Women’s Shapes: An array of out-of-the-box semi-rimless silhouettes, classic and quirky rounds, iconic cat-eyes, and sporty yet ultra-wearable rectangle shapes with contemporary modifications

Ann Taylor Readers (ATR02020), Blu-Ban (5505), Costa (Isabella Readers), Desert Sunglass (RG19755), eyebobs (Topless), eyeOs (Jolee), Foster Grant (Kali), I Heart Eyewear (Atherton), Readers.com (Norah), Studio by ICU Eyewear (Mendoza)

Men’s Shapes: Quintessential rounds with unexpected rimless details and wire configurations, modified aviators, classic Clubmaster-inspired profiles, as well as sleek rectangular and square silhouettes

allo readers (NAMASTE), BluTech Eyewear (United Temple), Costa (Cocos Readers), eyebobs (Vice Chair), eyeOs (Cooper), Foster Grant (Elijah), GUNNAR (Phenom), Icon Eyewear (30037), Readers.com (Alchemy), Tribeca by Scojo New York (Benson St.)

Women’s Details: All-over glitter, peeking-through patterns, coy color blocking, soft marbled effects, boldly pigmented speckled prints and sophisticated stone designs

Ann Taylor Readers (ATR03025), Colors in Optics (CX126), Corinne McCormack (Diana), Icon Eyewear (75686), Peepers by PeeperSpecs (Virtuous), Peepers by PeeperSpecs (Quarry), Readers.com (Antique), Studio by ICU Eyewear (Palermo), Tribeca by Scojo New York (Athena Pl.), Tribeca by Scojo New York (Cassidy Pl.)

Men’s Details: Understated but also wildly cool color blocking, layered motifs, natural accents, tinted lenses, familiar keyhole bridges and industrial clip-ons

BluTech Eyewear (E-Male), Colors in Optics (CX119), Costa (Ballast Readers), Desert Sunglass (RG19751), Desert Sunglass (RG19912), eyebobs (Board Stiff), eyebobs (Phone It In), eyeOs (Duke), eyeOs (Scholar), I Heart Eyewear (Moraga)