Flash Back to the ‘70s with Maui Jim

Taking note from the good ole peace-and-love era, Maui Jim is crafting vintage sunnies that are making a comeback in all their retro glory! These badass throwback black and tortoise styles are given a modern boost with spankin’ new lenses and updated accents, offering up refurbished-meets-chic appeal.

Boasting a chunky motorcycle-inspired aviator silhouette with a double bridge, the Breakers shades are truly reminiscent of the old-school days of the 1970s. And you can’t get much more classic than the Honomanu frames with a traditional teardrop shape. Meanwhile, the Legends sunglasses exude that right-from-the-movies look, with their signature square wayfarer-inspired profile and distinctive temples.

To boot, all this sunwear features MauiPure lenses with PolarizedPlus2 technology that cuts nearly all glare and eliminates UVA and UVB rays—no wonder why Maui Jim received the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation! Dig what you see? Get even more deets here.

Maui Jim (Breakers), Maui Jim (Honomanu), Maui Jim (Legends)

Maui Jim (Breakers), Maui Jim (Honomanu), Maui Jim (Legends)