Freed Chilean Miners Emerge Safe and Styled

What has been a horrific 69-day battle for 33 Chilean miners trapped half a mile beneath the earth’s surface is now becoming one of the most miraculous rescue events ever captured on film. Families celebrate as their loved ones emerge one by one into fresh air and bright sunlight.

Oddly, what many people are noticing is every miner that has been rescued is wearing a pair of trendy and technologically advanced shades. Random? No way.

Chilean miner rescued wearing Oakley Radar frames

Chilean miner rescued wearing Oakley Radar frames (Image Credit: HuffingtonPost.com)

A few weeks ago, a Chilean journalist covering the rescue efforts recommended Oakley to the Chilean private health insurer to provide eyewear protection for the miners once they were saved. The journalist contact Oakley about the opportunity and the rest is history.

Oakley kept the safety of the miners’ peepers in mind when they chose to donate 35 pairs of their Radar frame to each rescued miner to wear as they reached the surface.

After spending months in a dark, underground dungeon, it would be dangerous for the miners’ retinas to be exposed to what will seem like blinding light to their sensitive eyes. Oakley’s Radar frame offers 100 percent protection from ultraviolet light and should make the miners’ transition to daylight less stressful.

Oakley Radar

Oakley Radar (Image Credit: Oakley.com)

Read more about the Oakley Radar frame here.

“Oakley is honored to have assisted Chilean authorities in the rescue operation for the trapped miners,” said Carlos Reyes, vice president of research and development at Oakley. The goal is to give them “the best possible vision” as their eyes return to normal.

We’re happy to report that all of the miners are expected to be rescued by the end of today, well ahead of schedule.