Gayle King Gets Eyecessorized

You might know Gayle King as O, The Oprah Magazine’s editor-at-large or as one of your favorite anchors to wake up to for the morning scoop on CBS “This Morning.” But she’s all of that and more to us – she’s the queen of eyewear.

As one of Gayle’s fans, we’re sure you couldn’t help but notice that she has a different pair of frames for almost every outfit she wears. She rocks her eyewear like most ladies flaunt their shoes and handbags. We’re jealous, amazed and thrilled. All at the same time. Gayle is simply the epitome of what it means to be an eyewear icon.

“I’ve been wearing glasses since the 6th grade, and back then, no one thought they were cool,” Gayle told us. “I’m so glad that way of thinking has changed in a big way. They can be the perfect, chic accessory—and there are days when I actually choose my outfit based on what matches my glasses!”

So, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t jump out of our seats and squeal (OK, maybe borderline shriek) when Gayle’s team reached out to us regarding issues she was having with her lenses. It turns out Gayle’s lenses were reflecting the lights and cameras on set, which was becoming a distraction. Rather than ditch her go-to accessory, Gayle wanted a solution. And that’s where we came in.

We first met Gayle in the conference room of O, The Oprah Magazine’s office in New York City’s Hearst Tower. We exchanged pleasantries and got down to business. We wanted to see what we were working with, so Gayle pulled out her arsenal of eyewear. And we’re not kidding when we say arsenal; Ms. King has a pair of frames for every day of the year, or so it seems.

Frame by frame our team – consisting of Dr. Justin Bazan, owner of Park Slope Eye and licensed optician Dianna “DeeDee” Finisecy, owner of Wagner Opticians – reviewed which lenses needed to be redone. Once we had those set aside, we had a few more goodies to show the lady of the hour: brand new specs and sunnies, perfect for spring. Because what eyewearista doesn’t want to add to her collection? After consulting Adam Glassman, the mag’s stylish creative director, Gayle settled on six new frames from the likes of Balmain, Anne Klein, Seraphin, Tura, Cinzia Designs and FYSH.

Once the frames were finalized, it was time to fix the problem at hand – the lenses. Gayle’s current frames were in desperate need of TLC. The lenses were scratched, warped and without essential anti-reflective coatings. So we turned to one of the best labs out there, Walman Optical, to help transform Gayle’s glasses into the TV-approved accessories they should be.

After a few weeks without her specs, we were able to reunite Gayle with her frames, and boy, was she happy. Like kid-in-a-candy-shop happy. Her new, top-of-the-line digital lenses were practically invisible (thanks to the anti-reflective and scratch-resistant treatments). Now, we can confidently say that Gayle and her beloved frames are camera-ready. Problem solved.

For all of you at home who adore your specs, but battle similar issues that Gayle faced (if you’re not sure about the glare, check out your latest Instagram selfie), the solution can be as simple as getting your lenses redone. Or, better yet, next time you’re at your local eyewear provider, simply ask what kind of treatments you should be getting to go with your lifestyle (there’s everything from UV protection to anti-reflective coatings to scratch resistance). Regardless, we hope Gayle’s story inspired you to keep eyewear as your can’t-live-without accessory, and to get the most out of your next set of lenses!

Check out the new eyewear goodies Gayle picked out below, some of which she’s already been spotted wearing on air!

Gayle King’s Eyewear Favorites