Get Behind the Wheel in Style

With the busiest travel weekend just days away, we imagine that you’re one of many who are packing up your loosest pants in preparation to visit family and friends for a Thanksgiving feast. If you want to avoid the long security lines and potential TSA pat-downs at the airport, you’re probably hitting the road instead of flying. While you sit in traffic with your favorite road trip tunes blaring, don’t forget to protect your peepers from the sunny (or snowy) glare bouncing back at you.

Some drivers think their car’s visor or windshield will help block out the pesky sun—so false! Your eyes will still be straining to see the road in addition to absorbing harmful UV rays. Since the roads will be extra busy this time of year, it’s imperative that you’re able to see and judge your surroundings clearly.

The most effective lenses for driving feature photochromic or polarized lenses that adapt to different brightness levels and maximize visibility in low light or foggy conditions. Yellow, red and gray tints decrease distortion, whereas copper shades heighten contrast. The result: Highway lines and traffic signals appear clearer, enhancing your reaction time behind the wheel.

There are plenty of fashion-forward frames that will keep you looking good and driving safe.

Ladies, you can still be a driving diva in one of these fun and flirty frames:

Guys, impress your fellow passengers with your sense of style in one of these sleek and sporty shades: