Get Colored to Perfection in Kaenon Shades

If you weren’t already chomping at the bit for sunny, warm weather then you certainly will be after perusing the new spring color collection by Kaenon Polarized. Showing face in a kaleidoscope of fun colors, this collection harbors everything from classic blacks and tortoises to ocean blues and pomegranate reds.

As always, Kaenon Polarized shades strike the perfect balance for sports enthusiasts and trend setters alike. Besides having a plethora of colors to choose from, the line also provides a variety of fashionable shapes like rectangular wraparounds, glamorous rounds and classic butterfly styles.

One look at these colorful, athletic sunnies and you’ll be daydreaming of long summer days outdoors.

Kaenon (Arlo, Burnet, Delite, Eden, Georgia, Kanvas, Georgia, Klay) by Kaenon Polarized