Get Ready for National Sunglasses Day with Access Live and Brad Goreski

The ultimate sunnies celebration is almost here! National Sunglasses Day, held annually on June 27, is a commemorative day that’s all about sunwear and the importance of protecting our eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Thankfully, Access Live and Brad Goreski, TV personality and celebrity stylist, helped us out by exploring the latest trends celebs are rocking and the must-have accessory for this summer: sunglasses of all shapes, sizes, colors and details.

With the sun’s UV rays always out and about, it’s important to add shades to your sun-safe checklist and make wearing them a regular habit. According to The Vision Council’s VisionWatch survey, U.S. adults are most likely to wear sunglasses while driving a vehicle, casually relaxing or spending time outdoors, when near a body of water, watching a sporting event or playing a sport, or exercising outdoors. For these occasions sunwear may be part of your routine, but if it’s not on your must-have list for general outdoor wear then consider gathering up a few pairs and placing them in convenient locations so you’ll never be without a pair.

Plus, the right pair of sunnies elevate any look. From praise-worthy silhouettes, bling for miles and flashy colorations to easy-to-wear shapes, minimalistic designs and understated hues, there’s definitely a pair of sunglasses that will fit your fashion vibe. Let the styles lure you in and be sure to look for frames with a sticker or tag indicating the lenses provide UVA/UVB protection.

Check out Access Live and Brad Goreski discussing all things sunwear and eye health, below. If you’re looking for more, check out thevisioncouncil.org for information on UV eye protection and nationalsunglassesday.com for additional celebratory inspiration. And don’t forgot to post a #SunglassSelfie on #NationalSunglassesDay this June 27!