Get Retro Chic in GANT Eyewear

Feeling the need to revamp your shades or specs this spring with a little vintage vibe? Your timing couldn’t be better – GANT Eyewear by Viva International Group has come out with new frames in the GANT Rugger and GANT by Michael Bastian spring 2011 collections.

GANT Rugger
If you’re a rugged dude but you like to keep your style on point, definitely check out GANT Rugger’s new shades. The five new frames unite modern trends with vintage influences to create a finished look ideal for the free-spirited, fashion-conscious man.

The designs include timeless shapes and styles like wayfarers, retro rounds and contemporary aviators, as well as vintage touches like keyhole bridges. The classic styling and colors make these shades perfect for a day at the beach or driving around town—and we’re pretty sure the ladies are going to dig your new look.

GANT Rugger (Lester, Seth, Colin, Glen) by Viva International Group

GANT by Michael Bastian
For those of you looking to update your spexy style, GANT by Michael Bastian has just what you need. The three new optical frames feature a perfect blend of vintage, edgy and fashionable silhouettes. Girls will squeal over the ‘50s inspired cat-eye—the shape is idyllic and suitable for a day in the office and a night on the town. The guys, on the other hand, will totally dig the bold, geek chic models. Overall, this is a collection that would make anyone happy!

GANT by Michael Bastian (Kat, Nerd, Flat) by Viva International Group