Get Revved Up for Persol Roadsters

The Persol Roadster Edition by Luxottica Group is dedicated to the legendary sports car model that dominated the racing world and appeared on the roads in the early 1900s. Intuition, genius, innovation and quality were the fundamental principles during those invaluable pioneering years—principles that continue to dominate today’s engineering culture.

To pay tribute to that era and lifestyle, Persol has designed Roadster shades to emulate the sleek architecture of what many consider to be a four-wheeled masterpiece. The two shades are modeled after the impeccable Roadster detailing and are presented in updated aviator style with bold, masculine silhouettes and edgy metal embellishments.

Be careful, one glimpse of these intriguing frames and you’ll want to race around town in your own hot ride.

Persol Roadster Edition (PO3008, PO3009) by Luxottica Group