Get Your Sweat On With Your Shades On

If you’re anything like the typical American, you’ve most likely been inundated with holiday treats since Thanksgiving. In the morning it’s a gingerbread latte, at night it’s eggnog cocktails, the next day it’s peppermint bark and the next thing you know you’ve sustained a strict sugar only diet for almost a month. Thank goodness it’s a new year, and with that comes our favorite resolution: hit the gym and hit it hard.

Most of us tend to make our journey to the gym sans makeup or during the wee hours of the morning when, quite frankly, we might not be looking top notch. Us common folk are not alone—even the rich and famous leave behind the heavy get-up to sweat it out, but for some reason they still seem to look good. What’s their secret you ask? Hot shades.

Take a minute to thumb through pics of our favorite celebs in some super sexy sunnies as they get their pump on. It won’t take you long to notice how hot eyewear trends—like blacked out lenses, aviators, wraparound and oversized frames—can completely transform your ratty gym look from drab to fab.

Blacked out shades are the best way to cover up red, sleepy or puffy eyes. Trust us, you’ll feel as invincible as the Incredible Hulk when you put these on.

Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Katy Perry and John Mayer (Images via popeater.com)

The ever versatile aviator is the perfect companion for every gym rat. These frames will shade your eyes and keep you looking picture ready.

Kellan Lutz, Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal and Renee Zellweger (Images via Popeater.com)

Wraparounds are the classic, quintessential accessory for every outdoor sports lover. They’re practical, stay in place and best of all, you’ll always look sleek and sexy when you wear them.

Kendra Wilkinson, Fergie, Cheryl Crow and Ricky Gervais (Images via Popeater.com)

Oversized sunnies are always forgiving and provide full coverage for makeup-less faces. Throw these on during your morning stroll and they’ll instantly glam up your boring yoga pants.

Whitney Port (omg.yahoo.com), Ashley Tisdale (popeater.com), Mel B (popeater.com) and Ashley Greene (omg.yahoo.com)